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How Does a Filter Centrifuge Work?

Jun. 19, 2021

Here is the Centrifuge Supplier to tell you how filter centrifuges work, I hope it will be helpful to you

Filter Centrifuge

Filter Centrifuge

A Filter Centrifuge is a centrifuge that uses centrifugal filtration to separate the components of a suspension. There are many holes in the wall of the drum of a filter centrifuge, and the inner surface of the drum is covered with filter media. The suspension added to the drum rotates with the drum, generating a large centrifugal pressure. Under the pressure, the liquid in the suspension flows through the filter media and the small holes in the drum wall and is thrown out, while the solids are trapped on the surface of the filter media. Separation of solids and liquids. The Centrifugal force generated by the suspension in the drum is thousands of times greater than gravity, which enhances the filtration process and speeds it up.

Working principle of filter centrifuges

The main purpose is to centrifugally press the mixture onto the filter screen. The liquid flows out through the many filter holes in the drum wall. Due to the large particles, the solids are intercepted by the filter screen. As the centrifugation time increases, more and more solids accumulate in the drum filter. When the requirement is reached, the machine is stopped and the solids are removed for observation. If liquid is required, it is recovered.

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