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Attention Should Be Paid To These Aspects In The Selection of Centrifuge

May. 20, 2021

The following are the aspects that should be paid attention to when choosing a centrifuge introduced by the Centrifuge Manufacturer:

1.Anti-corrosion performance

The materials separated by the centrifuge are generally corrosive, and the materials of the parts in contact with the materials must meet the requirements of corrosion resistance to ensure safe use.



The material of the structural parts, the material of the gasket, the surface treatment measures, and the material of the filter cloth should all be determined during the selection.

2. Explosion-proof performance

If the materials processed by the Centrifuge contain flammable and explosive substances such as organic solvents, the centrifuge should have explosion-proof performance. The explosion-proof performance depends on the explosion-proof requirement level of the process.

In the previous explosion-proof occasions, it was only proposed to prepare explosion-proof motors. In the past two years, most of the occasions where the processed materials contain organic solvents such as solvents have put forward the requirements for sputum protection.

In fact, to achieve real explosion-proof centrifuges, various measures can be taken in the preparation of mechanical and electrical accessories, such as the use of explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof lights, anti-static belts, anti-collision measures, safety interlocking devices, and nitrogen protection devices. , Non-contact dynamic braking, electrostatic grounding, explosion-proof automatic control, etc.

3. Separation performance

Separation performance is one of the most basic functions, including separation effect, washing effect, processing capacity, degree of automation, etc. It is difficult to be precise due to the difference in material properties, including the viscosity, density, solid-liquid ratio of the material, etc. Determine the effect of the final separation.

Generally speaking, the separation factor is an important factor affecting the separation effect of the Vertical Centrifuge. The separation factor is related to the rotation speed of the drum and the diameter of the drum, and is proportional to the square of the angular velocity of the drum.

Washing refers to the washing of the filter cake. For some materials, the filter cake needs to be washed with a washing liquid, and some even need to be washed several times to meet the requirements. This requires the preparation of a washing tube, the washing effect, and the washing time It has a lot to do with the diameter, arrangement position and structure of the washing pipe.

The processing capacity of the centrifuge is related to the physical and chemical properties of the materials and the separation requirements, and is generally estimated by the number of cycles per hour and the quality of the filter cake in a single operation.

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