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Centrifugation: Selection and Maintenance

Jun. 04, 2021

With so many different types of centrifuges available, choosing the most appropriate one to meet the needs of an application can be challenging. Centrifuge Suppliers share with you about the selection and maintenance of centrifuges

Top considerations for choosing the most appropriate centrifuge

The key driving force behind choosing the right centrifuge is the sample type being processed. Questions to consider include: Is the sample container to be centrifuged a small tube, large bottle, or microplate? Is there a need for high laboratory throughput? The next step is to determine the specific capabilities of the centrifuge that will allow for the efficient and reliable processing of that sample type. These include the speed, g-force, and sample capacity of the system’s rotor, if a refrigerated system is needed, and whether fixed-angle or swinging-bucket separation needs to be performed.

Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter Centrifuges

Ensure proper care and maintenance

Implementing care and maintenance best practices ensures the Centrifuge will remain highly functional and deliver optimal results for a long time. Properly installing and balancing rotors, in particular when they are not fully loaded, will reduce vibration and subsequent wear of the rotor during runs. Thorough cleaning of centrifuges and rotors after each run also ensures longevity, while safeguarding the users and the laboratory, especially when biological or radioactive materials have been processed. Routine maintenance should always include checking the air filters, adjusting door latches, and making sure all sensors work well. Carbon fiber rotors are resistant to corrosion that could be caused by disinfectants and cleaning solutions and, as such, exhibit increased durability in comparison to aluminum rotors.


Centrifugation has changed substantially over recent years. Laboratories can benefit from advances in functionality and performance, as well as ergonomics and ease-of-use. More modern systems have been designed to accommodate larger sample volumes, and operate at higher speeds to support varying processing needs. In addition, the company also provides screen centrifuges and Decanter Centrifuges, please feel free to contact us if necessary

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