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Analysis of the Causes of Laboratory Centrifuge Accidents

Jul. 07, 2021

According to the traditional theory, centrifuge failure is caused by excessive rotor imbalance, while the weighing error of the sample, spillage of the Centrifuge sample solution during centrifugation and rotor corrosion are the main factors causing rotor imbalance. Analyzing the domestic accidents, the main causes are as follows.

1. When centrifuge tubes are balanced, the unbalance of symmetrically placed centrifuge tubes exceeds 0.1 to 1g due to the long-term use of the balance without calibration.

2. When the centrifuge tube was loaded, because the sample liquid bundle was filled or the cap of the centrifuge tube was not tightened and sealed, during the centrifugation, the high vacuum state of the centrifuge chamber flattened and ruptured the centrifuge tube, and the sample liquid overflowed, causing the rotor to be unbalanced. The shaft is bent or broken.

3. As the specific gravity of the original sample is not equal to the specific gravity of the balancing liquid, the rotor dynamic balance is out of balance and an accident occurs.



4. When using horizontal rotor, the serial number of the barrel and the serial number of the horizontal rotor body are not carefully installed, which will affect the dynamic balance of the rotor.

5. aluminum alloy centrifuge tube cap and stainless steel centrifuge tube cap mixed with the use of accidents.

6. The rubber seal of the centrifuge tube cap and the rubber seal of the rotor cap are not used properly and disinfection is not in place. The rotor operates in an unbalanced state.

7. For centrifuge tubes of various materials, I did not have a good understanding of the scope of application of centrifuge tubes for Automatic Centrifuges required by the manufacturer and the method of sterilization before use. Chemical solvents and improper sterilization treatment were used, resulting in expansion of the centrifuge tubes during operation. , rupture and an accident occurs.

8. Due to carelessness in work, the rotor cap was not tightened or the rotor cap and rotor handle were interchanged, resulting in mismatched screw locks. After turning on the machine, the rotor cap is thrown out and a serious shaft breaking accident occurs.

9. Aging of the centrifuge tube or using the centrifuge tube of the high-speed centrifuge on the ultracentrifuge, which causes the centrifuge tube to break during operation and the sample liquid to overflow, resulting in imbalance and shaft bending.

10. Due to improper management of age and various corrosion, the rotor explodes during operation.

11. Due to various reasons, the drive system or other fixed parts were not removed during installation, and the instrument was forced to cause broken shafts and rotor explosion accidents during test runs.

12. Internal injuries or inspection and quality problems in the manufacturing process of drive shaft, rotor and other materials are also one of the main causes of instrument accidents.

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